Stories for Lawyers & Law Firms

In order for prospective clients to engage a new attorney or law firm, they must first know, like and trust that attorney or law firm. Video creates positive, personal connections in ways that no other media can.

Other than meeting prospective clients in person, video is the best way to introduce them to your services. Quality video content effectively attracts viewers to your web site, and helps to convert them into clients.

59% of executives would rather watch video than read text

Websites with video on a landing page have 80% Higher Conversion Rates

Websites with video get 41% More Traffic From Search Engines.

As active members of the Legal Marketing Association, we regularly attend seminars and conferences to make sure we are up to date and have a thorough understanding of the special requirements of creating content for lawyers and law firms.

We have experience working with large and small firms, from sole practitioners to lawyers at the AmLaw 100.