Where’s the Best Place to Put My On-Line Videos

I am frequently asked the question “Where should we put our videos?”

There’s not really one good (or short) answer. Generally, If you want to get the widest distribution for your videos, you want them on YouTube. The cons of YouTube are the ads (although you do have some control of that) and you have a slew of other peoples videos to contend with, Vimeo is good if you want a free hosting site with limitations but want to control who sees your video (they have the easiest privacy settings) and don’t want any ads. Also their premium service is not expensive ($200 annually) and offers you a ton of options in how you can display your videos. Vimeo is also the “hip” kid on the block. Wistia and Brightcove and several similar services are strictly hosting sites. They offer superior analytics and lots of display options but don’t give you the distribution channel that you get from YouTube and Vimeo that both have communities of viewers.

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